Boheme Photo Workshop in Greece: Day 1

Boheme Photo Workshop In Greece: Day 1

Whew! What a whirlwind 24 hours it has been! Yesterday evening I left Pisa, Italy and got on a flight to Athens, Greece so that I could attend Boheme Workshop‘s five day wedding photography workshop on the Mediterranean coast.

Even though Italy is just next door to Greece, the best flights I could find had me arriving in Athens at 1 AM, so Day 1 of the workshop started with a long night of traveling for me. In the airport, I “slept” — or more precisely, laid down with my eyes closed for five hours — on a bench in McDonalds. Glamorous, right? The other attendees have also come from all over the world (so far I’ve met people from Canada, the Netherlands, and the States!) and have had equally exhausting journeys.

But one night of inconvenience was definitely worth it because tonight, THIS is where we’ll be sleeping…

Boheme Photo Workshop in Greece: Day 1

I could die.

We’re staying at the incredible Romanos Costa Navarino Resort in Messinia, and if that gorgeousness wasn’t enough, the Boheme team thoughtfully put together the most beautiful welcome baskets I’ve ever seen. Seriously swoon-worthy. I may or may not have already dipped into that little Greek honey pot (shhh).

Boheme Photo Workshop in Greece: Day 1

Later tonight, there’s a meet and greet with the Boheme team and other attendees. If tonight has set the tone for the next few days, I can’t wait to see what other amazing things we have in store!


Welcome basket by: Ribbon: Stella Wolfe // Calligraphy: September Letters // Styling: Tahnee Sanders, Therese De Jesus, Vasia Han, all in collaboration with Boheme Workshops.

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