Two Places To Find Pretty Lace Wedding Dresses

Grace Loves Lace & Gossamer Collage

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When I got married last year, I went into my dress shopping with one thing in mind: a simple lacy dress with non-shiny fabric. I ended up going with this little number from David’s Bridal because 1) it was super affordable, 2) it could be easily packed (essential for someone on the road like me), and 3) it was comfortable and made me feel pretty: two requirements for my outdoor Hawaii wedding. In short, it was a good, rational wedding dress.

But here’s my confession: After getting it, I had some serious dress regret.

The amount of time I spent worrying about my decision is actually kind of embarrassing. Literally, I was looking for other dresses up until the week before my wedding. But in the end, I never could justify the idea of trashing my first dress for a second. Even now, long after my wedding, I still find myself browsing wedding dresses and imagining what it would have been like to wear them. Two designers in particular are always my go-to for wedding daydreams: Grace Loves Lace and Gossamer. I promise I am not being paid to write any of this; I just honestly think these are beautiful dresses and want to share them with all you wedding planning lovebirds out there!

Grace Loves Lace: Romantic Boho Wedding Dresses

When I was wedding planning, there was one wedding dress designer I came across that was love at first sight: Grace Loves Lace. Only problem was, I only discovered them after already purchasing my dress. Lame. Still though, I found myself secretly cheating on my first dress by drooling over everything on the Grace Loves Lace site. Even now, I find myself fantasizing about events I could attend simply to justify buying one of their dresses.

Grace Loves Lace is based in Australia (doesn’t it seem like all the best designers are??) and their dresses all feel so romantic and wild, perfect for destination weddings in places like Iceland, New Zealand, Hawaii…anywhere with wide sweeping landscapes or windblown seashores. All the dresses are made with real French lace, built to your exact measurements, and the best part is they’re actually relatively affordable! Their cheapest full-length dress, the Jasmine, starts at $990, which in wedding-land ain’t too shabby. Seriously, if I could do it all over again, I’d bite the bullet and go for either the Emme-waisted or the Antonia. *swoon*

Gossamer: Vintage Wedding Dresses

I was browsing wedding photos on Instagram once and came across this fabulous vintage dress company, Gossamer, and just about died. Their wedding dresses all have the exact classic but bohemian vibe I wanted as a bride. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover these guys!

They’re a US-based company specializing in finding vintage attire — gathering timeless pieces that, to me, feel special and casual all at the same time. I picture the Gossamer’s boho bride carrying a bouquet of gathered wildflowers with a fingertip length veil and long loose curls. I’m a sucker for lace sleeves, so I particularly love the 1970s Needle Cap Dress which normally costs $625 (!) but is currently sold out (boo). I can see why though…it looks like a dream.

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